Melissa Henderson
Mortgage Agent

Meet Melissa Henderson! Whether you’re purchasing first home, approaching a renewal date, refinancing an existing mortgage, or considering an investment opportunity, I am here for you. I will find the best solution for your situation.  I have been in the banking and brokering world for a over 14 years. As your mortgage professional, I will assess your unique requirements, and help you understand what you can comfortably afford. At Bev Gay & Associates we believe in acting in your best interest. We will do the research, sorting through what's available and product options, and then we will review your options with you. My expertise and research will help you with key decision making, and then I provide support during the process from Application to Closing. And our service does not stop there. After you take possession, I look forward to continuing our relationship, providing you with advice and best choices as your renewal approaches. We take pride in our policy of open communication, and our ability to remove stress from the mortgage process. In the majority of cases we’re paid by the mortgage companies, so there’s no cost to you and no surprises. We’re fast and efficient and can offer you options and choices - not just bank products.




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